Scaler controls Maschine

Are there any Maschine users here?
If not using Maschine hardware, we only use Maschine.
Let Maschine run in the DAW as a VST.
So, can SCALER control Maschine?
Because I found that Maschine has a lot of material packs, all of which are very good, I don’t know if I can use Scaler to modify the chord progression?

I think all the Machine content can be accessed in Komplete Kontrol. No need to use Machine software.

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My train of thought is to give up all the hardware.
Using Maschine with Scaler in DAW

The answer is “Yes, Scaler can be used inside Maschine”.
But…you need to use some workarounds.
Officially Maschine doesn’t support Midi FX, so all programs like Scaler can not directly control Maschine.
But there are some other Plugins (Blue Cat’s Patchwork, DDMF’s Meta Plugin, Plugin Guru’s Unify, Plogue’s Bidule or New Sonic Arts Freestyle to name some of them) that will act like a “bridge” and allow you to use Midi Fxs functionalities inside Maschine.
There are also some free alternatives (like VstBoard VstBoard - Browse Files at
Ah…and if you wonder if Native Instruments will implement direct Midi FX support one day…we don’t know…this is something that has been asked for ages…but other requests were ignored for ages too and then NI decided suddenly to implement them…difficult to read these guys minds, even with my Jedi’s powers :smirk:

Btw: believe me, give up the hardware and losing Maschine’s hardware/software tight integration is such a pity…:wink:

Maybe they feel bad for hardware sales.

I think the Maschine packs are of great value. However, it is limited in Maschine software, so I will use it in other DAWs. Ha ha

Mmmm…not sure I get your answer…What does hardware sales have to do with this?
Anyway…partially Ben was right…if with “material packs” you were talking about Expansions, you can use a lot of this material in Komplete Kontrol…or Battery…or even in every other DAW.
At this point I’m not too sure about what you want to achieve…even because Scaler is more suited for NI instruments eventually. Expansions do have some sounds in them, but their focus is on Groups with a lot of drums/percussive/one shot sounds and only a few instruments

Just answered to your other, related, thread.

Yes, I use Maschine, both as software and hardware. And occasionally with Scaler, when I want to focus on the Maschine workflow. But Scaler does not work as a MIDI controller for other plugins within Maschine. That being said, I still use drag&drop functionality in Scaler to drag chord progressions or performances into the Maschine piano roll.

I have both the Maschine MK3 (similar to an MPC drum pad controller) and a Maschine JAM (more like an Ableton Push / Novation Launch Pad, 8x8 colored pads). I do like them as hardware devices, and while they work best with the native Maschine application, there are also scripts to make them usable for Bitwig (my favorite DAW).

And then I sometimes custom map the Maschine JAM 8x8 pads to a custom configured Scaler instance with Section 3 chords.

So “can Scaler control Maschine” ? No. But you can use Maschine to control Scaler :slight_smile:

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Well…not to disprove you…but, as I wrote before, YES, Scaler can control Maschine…you just need another plugin

I don’t know Maschine, but I assume this involves routing midi through, dor instance, Blue Cat Patchwork ?

I must check out BC Patchwork again. As I have written here before, I have found no way to get midi output by port/channel from Patchwork.

My tests were following Plugin Boutique’s video on how to run Instacomposer (multi-channel) output into Live. However, following the PiB route meant (it seemed) hosting all VSTs in BC, and then feeding audio output to Live; so Live was essentially just used as a simple recoding tool, or just to audition Instacomposer output before dragging midi into Live from there - so pretty pointless as there were zero cost means for achieving the same thing.
[I don’t actually use Instacomposer because it does nothing for me]

Have I missed something ? Is there a way with BC to define midi output to be passed through BC by port / channel (port is important because Live doesn’t recognise channel number) ?

Yes, you are correct. It is extremely cumbersome, but it can be done indeed. All you need is a plugin that allows you to host Scaler (such as Bluecat or Unify) and routes MiDI back out to a virtual MIDI port, such as LoopBE or loopMIDI, then configure Maschine to accept MIDI input from these virtual ports. Aside from the configuration hassle, there is a high chance that you end up with a MIDI feedback loop that enables you to play 1000bpm “music” :laughing:

I use both Bome and LoopBE, but for me that alone did not alone did not solve the multi-channel source. issue. There appeared to be no function to allow midi output by port. I’ll have a look at the manual over the weekend, as I might have missed something.

Scaler supports multi-channel MiDI output?

The easiest way with Blue Cat is to host there Scaler AND the plug-in you want it to play…but now you are moving to other territories involving Live, so Maschine seems to be out of the equation

Anyway…when (and IF, since the delays in beta test :joy:) Scaler will be on iPad, we will have an even easier solution: iPad sending midi into the computer with an app like Studiomux (or with IDAM on a Mac) and voilá…

No, this was fiddling with Instacomposer. I mentioned this only because @LostInFoundation had stated (as far as I could interpret it) that Patchwork could output midi, and I could find no way to do this (but probably mistaken).

…or iConnectMIDI link, which I often use to pipe DAW based Scaler chord progressions/patterns into some of my favorite auv3 plugins on AUM iPad, just to route the result back into PC DAW and related instruments and piano rolls for recording (just cant get warm with iOS based “DAW”)

After my recent research, I found that Maschine still needs to be improved in many places for the time being. Or it can be done, but it’s troublesome. It’s faster to go to other Daws.
However, there is also a problem, which is what I want to do with the material of Maschine, including many presets of massive.
However, just now, I found that some methods were used. For example, komplete can successfully open the content of Maschine. But there are some repetitions.
The whole system of Ni has its own logic, which I haven’t studied thoroughly.
I don’t know if you know a better forum, similar to scaler, which can more conveniently exchange some series of Ni products.

Native Instruments forum? :joy:

I feel SCALER forum is very popular.