Scaler crashing in Logic 10.7.7

I’m using Scaler V. 2.8.2 (AU) in Logic 10.7.7 on my Mac Mini running Ventura 13.2.1.
it seems the Plug-in manager sometimes catches Scaler 2 during the validation step. Often times it does go through without a problem.
I have also had Logic crash and have turned off the Scaler 2 plug-in which seems to help with crashes. Is this a known bug. Any thoughts on this?

Hi @jrh330 No issues on our end and we have many similar setups to yours. May I suggest a complete reinstall? Reboot your Mac and open a vanilla session (not a template) and Load Scaler 2. From there you can try selecting Scaler 2 in Plugin Manager and ‘Reset and Rescan Selection’ Hope that all helps.