Scaler Detection

In Detect mode What do the numbers mean under the chord column in this screen shot

They are a numbering system used to denote the position of a chord relative to it’s scale - using roman numerals to label the chord positions with lower case characters used for minor chords and upper case for major chords
e.g. chords belonging to C major would be labelled from one to seven like this:
I - C Major
ii - D Minor
iii - E Minor
IV - F Major
V - G Major
vi - A Minor
vii - B Dim

Search for “chord number system” for more details.

@don1thedon - I was not clear . The numbers I was referring too are in the screenshot example 10/23 under the chords column and 7/12 under the notes column -

@larryegood hey, my apologies for misinterpreting your question. The numbers relate to how many notes/chords are correct to the detected scale that you select. The more ‘accurate’ notes/chords in the scale are at the top & then as you scroll down, other scales there will have less notes/chords contained. In the case you highlight you have 23 chords in total of which 10 are contained in the Lydian scale you are referencing.


That’s helps. Thank you.