Scaler does the Anthropocene

Made something quite intense and extremely personal… absolutely could not have done this without Scaler. It’s impossible to express my gratitude to @davide and the team with words! There just aren’t any. So you’ll just have to watch and listen to get all the feels.

“Welcome to the Anthropocene (Requiem for the Holocene)” on vimeo


Gary, thank you very much for making this, it moved me to tears saying all those things we don’t have words for, that The Guardian UK committed to placing on its front page, as breaking news, every day, some years ago. If you haven’t already, please share this with the editorial staff.

Also, sincere thanks to the team at Scaler for years of road, bridge, and tunnel construction through an otherwise inscrutable morass of observations, all-at-once, about musical notation.

This is amazing! Both the video and the music.
I will be watching it over and over.
The poem reference is also great. Very touching.
You are making great use of Scalar!
– Martin

Thanks @Inherently … I appreciate your sending me this note and based on your suggestion I did send the editors at The Guardian a link to the piece this morning… we’ll see if they take the time to look at random emails like that.

@martinschiff Glad you dug it and yes… that poem by Drew Dellinger is so powerful. Drew actually lives up the hill from me here and he was similarly moved by the video, which meant a lot to me. Hey you should send the link for this piece to Steve! (It’d be fun for it to come from you instead of me. :slight_smile: )

I will definitely do that.

– Martin

I also sent a note with a link to the piece.

Thank you @martinschiff and @Inherently!

Great piece, resonances of Koyaanisqatsi.

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@DaveK58 Thanks Davie! Ron Fricke (the cinematographer who was responsible for Koyaanisqatsi) was a friend of my wife’s and in 1978 we spent two days sleeping on his floor while he was building the Timelapse motion control gear in the machine shop at his studio in Santa Monica. His spirit, and that incredible film, have influenced me throughout my entire life.