Scaler EQ and sound design

Had a lot of fun beta testing Scaler EQ. One area that did not get much attention is sound design. But due to its unique filtering capabilities it is possible to transform sound in very interesting and musical ways. For example, I recorded a little stream in the forest some years ago and found it musical in some sense. With Scaler EQ I could filter the frequencies and only let the C chord notes pass through!
Starts with the original recording and morphs into the “tuned” version.


Absolutely brilliant and not lost on me. I have thought about this application and the ability to turn any foley into musical parts whilst we developed Scaler EQ. I will demonstrate in a video soon!


very cool
Preset for that?

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Thanks! :grinning:
Didn’t use any preset. Just selected the notes of a C maj chord and used two nodes with a very wide selection and Harmonic Peak +/-.
I also reduced the high and low frequencies. Something like this:

And then I added a second Scaler EQ for fine tuning. Two nodes with Harmonic Peak.
Something like this:

And then tuning to something that I liked. I also tested adding and changing notes to get different harmonies. Very fun!
And I have tested lots of other sounds in a similar way! So grab whatever you sounds you have and start experimenting!


Thanks for pics and explanation, very helpful.

Brilliant - this is a Scaler EQ skeptics nightmare! Don’t post in on Gearspace they will shoot you down :rofl:
It’s a wonderful way to bring musicality out of any foley recording. Once you do this you can take one part of it and put it in a sample and have a playable ‘Stream in a Forest’ musical instrument. One of Scaler EQs hidden strengths.


This sound so interesting. Just a question please: there is another vst called Chroma by Xynth, which seems to be popular. Is this basically doing the same thing (but better of course)? If it does, I’m sold :+1:

Hey that looks cool, I think you will find Scaler EQ can do just a little more for the same money! You can always download and try for free. Here’s an example of some sound design possibilities:


Yeah I thought so :slight_smile: nice!