Scaler EQ manual

I am a new user, and cannot find a manual for Scaler EQ. I am one of those who wants to understand the operation of my plugins. I could just throw the eq into plugin doctor and play with it for a couple hours, but before doing so, I would like to know a bit more about the intent behind some of the features. For example, what exactly the “flip harmonics” button is about. Are harmonics being literally flipped, and how? Is it flipping the phase? Or flipping the filter (or detector) sensitivity?). It may seem obvious, but it would be nice to see it described in words so I can better confirm my what my ears hear. Inquiring minds want to know.

Welcome, @armin.burkholder

You can get the manual at Scaler - Manual

Thank you, but I was hoping to find a manual for Scaler EQ.

Hi Armin, just click on the “S” top left and go to help and you can open the manual from there. It’s also installed on your system upon install. Failing all of that you can find it here:

Oops sorry …mis-read that …

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Excellent, thank you. I guess I just didn’t make the right clicks-of-curiosity.