Scaler EQ not working correctly on Windows

For me also only process in program manager with standalone version.
My videocard RTX4090. With all latest drivers. Interested that on virtual machine is work well.

Hi @GregTools @Navado and @Paul80,

We have taken some time to investigate this issue, but unfortunatly we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue in any way. This is unfortunate, because if we cannot reproduce the issue, we have no way of figuring out what is going on. This means we do not have a short term solution.

What we did do to solve this on the medium term, is implement a new way of drawing our GUI on Windows, directly utilizing the Windows OS. We are still running tests, but I am hopeful your issues will be resolved once we are able to add this to the plugin in an official update. We will keep you posted.

Of course, you not being able to use the product is a problem. Perhaps @davide can help you resolve this another way?

Many thanks for your patience!

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Unfortunately i have to cancel my subscription to scale EQ it just not working

Very strange, today I created a new user account in Windows 11 and the Scaler EQ started working!
How can I make it work under my account? What we need to check?

I have the same problem: Just installed Scaler EQ, but it’s not opening any Windows. From digging through what the standalone executable does (with the SysInternals Process Monitor), it looks like it’s stuck in loop opening the preferences file (and all presets, for that matter) under the following path over and over:
C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Plugin Boutique\Scaler EQ\settings.pref

Maybe you could try to copy the preferences file from the working user account to your other account?

Okay, more digging, and I got it to work:
Scaler EQ does not start when the user TMPDIR environment variable is changed. I have moved mine to a separate drive, and by moving it back to the default location C:\Users<Username>\AppData\Local\Temp it started to work for me.

Looks like it wants to put a file called “Default Preset.seq” there, and it fails somewhere.

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You’re doing fantastic stuff.
When I changed TEMP FOLDER Scaler EQ worked!
But I use RAM DISK and all the cache for programs is stored there.
What should I do?
Maybe SIMLINK can help?
The developer can now test it too.

SIMLINK seems workin also.
Very good. Thanks a lot!!!

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Thanks for much for everyone’s help here in getting this figured out. Our Devs are on to this and we will get a fix out soon.

I just purchased Scaler EQ v1.1 (11473_PC-Scaler-EQ-1.1.0.exe)
I installed only 64bit VST3, VST2, and stand-alone.
Running Reaper 7.12 x64 on Win 11

The VST3, and VST2 DLL just hang and will not load in Reaper or Plugin Doctor.
The stand-alone will not run, and exits immediately.

The install instructions on the Plugin Boutique website are a copy of
the instructions for Scaler 2 (not Scaler EQ), so no extra help there.

btw, I have a stable system with many other 3rd party plugins that work fine.
Can someone please help?


The problem seems to be a bug in Scaler EQ v1.1 that makes
assumptions about the DRIVE location of the temp directory path.

In Windows the temp directory will often be on the system drive, i.e:


But, this is NOT ALWAYS the case, for example it could be:


Scaler EQ 1.1 fails when the temp dir is not on the system drive.

The proper way to handle this in code is to consult the environment,
rather than assume, however the issue may not be obvious if you are using a
development framework that fails to handle this properly but hides the
implementation details from you.

I hope you can fix this soon so that folks like me with temp dirs on alternate
drives can use the software.

Hi @JasonD Thank you and welcome to the forum, after struggling to work it out we have done and our devs are on it!

@JasonD @Shururu @GregTools @Navado @Paul80
We think we have a fix for this, have PM’d you an update - can you let me know if it resolved the use for you.

Hi Davide,
The problem looks fixed in the version you sent me (btw, still shows v1.1).

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I just tested the before (with changed TMPDIR to a different drive), and ScalerEQ did not open the UI windoiw.
After the update you sent via PM Scaler EQ started working even with a changed TMPDIR.

Thanks a lot!

Sounds like we are good and I have an update being uploaded to PIB this week that fixes this issue and the resizing on certain presets issue some users have been having. Will be Scaler EQ 1.1.1