Scaler eq resets settings

scaler eq does not keep settings as set after closing track and reopening, also Beatport is anoying as it does not seem to start when computer starts and if I open a track with scaler eq the plugin is frozen, even when I open Beatport its still frozen until I close project and reopen it, so 2 things that are causing me issues using scaler eq.

Hi @DannyCGY And welcome to the forum. That is not the expected behaviour and seems like an issue with Beatport Access rather than Scaler EQ. Would you mind reporting this to Plugin Boutique directly as they are responsible for Beatport Access and it seems that is where the issue lays. Let us know how you get on please.

Thanks for the reply, yes I have just submitted to support via pluginbontique website, I’ve had to remove all instances from my project as all settings reset to default.
I have also enabled beatport to start up when I boot my computer, it has resolved the issue of being able to use scaler in my project without having to remember to be logged on, but I still have that issue while still working on the same project if I try and edit scaler EQ I get a message saying it’s frozen and when that happens I have to close and restart project and all instances in that project resets to default.

I will also mail support at beatport, thanks for your feedback.