Scaler EQ Suggestion: Post Ringing, External Sidechain & Chord Change via MIDI Input

Hi all, just got the Scaler EQ and love what it can do. Got three suggestions though:

[ Post Ringing ] Serious post-ringing. Can only use all bands in dynamic modes now. Hope there’d be a setting other than zero latency.

[ External Sidechain ] Would be great to have this.

[ Chord Change via MIDI Input ] I can’t find any parameter in automation list that can just change the key of the whole plug-in, and it’s quite troublesome if the key of the song changes somewhere along the way. It’d be great for the Scaler EQ to be able to receive MIDI input, so we can control the key with a MIDI track with recorded notes.

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Arys Chien
Deepwhite Studio

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Hi @deepwhite Welcome to the forum Arys and thanks for the feedback.
Post Filter Decay occurs on any EQ where you create multiple notches particularly around the bottom end, we’ve got a ‘Smart Mode’ in settings where we minimise the decay at the expense of some filter accuracy so it’s left off by default and yes dynamics can mitigate this. Linear Phase would allay this somewhat but again transient smearing and pre ringing is a Linear Phase artefact we have wanted to avoid. Also the latency induced in Linear Phase processing and effect on the bottom end can be quite nasty. We will look at ways to improve this in the near future but always common sense for me in mixing.

Sidechain is there and implemented and it’s pretty cool. This works automatically for VST3/AU/AAX in most DAWs, as in: you don’t need a button on the plugin to enable/disable the side-chain. However, for VST2, we would need a button to make the plugin work correctly - that’s coming. Check this video for an example!

As for scale switching, we are looking at solutions for this as a priority. We have conceived ‘link’ buttons you can assign keys and scales to and automate between but receiving midi input is also on the cards but may require further work.

Hi @davide - Thanks for the reply.

  1. I know Linear Phase mode’s got its own problem. Just wondering if there’s something like FabFilter’s “Natural Phase” mode. It’s ok if there’s not; I’m already happy using Scaler EQ with all bands in dynamic mode.

  2. So the sidechain mode is on automatically? That’s cool. But still it’d be nice to be able to set each band to Int / Ext SC individually, like the low band of the bass triggered by sidechain from the kick, but the high band by its own.

  3. Would it be easier to enable automation for the “+” “-” buttons besides the chord selection pane? That’d help for most songs while the key just raises at the last chorus part.

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Not as yet but we are looking at ways to improve post filter decay.

Yes I agree and I would too. Will happen in a future update.

I realised we didn’t make these + / - transpose buttons automatable. Complete oversight when a temporary solution was sitting there right under our noses! We will allow this soon.

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