Scaler EQ - white noise in Ableton

A wave of white noise happens on tracks with Scaler EQ in Ableton. It comes and goes in any preset. When the plugin is active and you just don’t play your track, you can hear it…

You haven’t registered the license. Download the License file from your Plugin Boutique account.
And while Scaler is open click on the logo on the upper left. Select About/Help and in the panel that opens choose Registration. Then navigate to the license file you downloaded to your computer.
That should do it.

Screen Shot 2023-11-18 at 6.32.07 PM

Was talking about Scaler EQ. But checked the same…started with a trial, then registered. But solution found. After registration, had to close the project and open again…

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I forgot to mention reopening the DAW or reloading the Plugin but glad you sorted it out. Both Scaler and Scaler EQ behave the same in this regard.

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