Scaler Fl Studio 10

Hello, I would like to know is Scaler 2 compatible with fl studio 10? When I click on Scaler it opens but the screen is black and I heard like a wind noise every few secs. I legally purchased Scaler 2 by the way.

You do not say what your OS is. The black screen is usually a OpenGL problem.
You can disable OpenGl and see if that helps.
The white noise means you haven’t activated Scaler by it’s license yet. Since you have a black screen you probably won’t be able to do that till you get that solved. Download the license file from your Plugin Boutique account.
See this thread for OpenGL instructions.

Thanks! It just randomly started working on its own but I have another issue. When I click on Songs and Artist tab its blinks on and off before I can pick anything. Is this happening to anyone else?