Scaler for winds

Well, after a lot of auditing, I can say that most Scaler patterns are fine for winds!

The trick in this tutorial, is that I used 1 gazillion of different patterns, timing etc + the Suggester option

Let’s start with the very complex Scaler status for the transverse flute,

Flute solo.xml (34.0 KB)

and for the guitar

Guitar acco.xml (24.6 KB)

I started, as usual recently, with a base chords in Section A, then I moved that chord in Section C, then I used Suggest to populate one line, then I duplicated the line and clicked on Suggest to populate the 2nd line, and again I duplicated the last line and clicked on Suggest to populate the 3rd line

The Mojo of Suggest is that all those chords stay well together, so you can create very complex series just by ear :heart_eyes:

The next step was auditing the 3 lines of chords with the guitar and the flute, having Broomstick Bass and its drums-like metronome to inject the “pulse”, then editing or removing the chords that didn’t produce interesting sounds

During this step I prefer using my hand on the keyboard because I can go back and forth and even stay on one chord only, while the loop in Section C goes forward only

Well, after 2 evenings spent on the flute, auditing chords, timing, patterns, etc. I think I created a cool solo

For the guitar I used some of the chords of the flute, and because the Suggest option they sound all well together with the flute… amazing!

About the routing, because somebody appreciates this part, I post here the Starting and the final one because they are a bit different

Here is the first, where one can understand who drives who

And here is the final routing: the difference is that I recorded the bass and the drums, and just the flute and the guitar are still driven by Scaler, due to the fact I am using the Loop option; the MIDI Polysher as usual is used to avoid unwanted changes of loop

and now the instruments used

And here is the “cover”: it’s not a photomontage, and the technique is explained here

The song is called Transverse Winds and I placed it in the Folk Rock folder, but as often happens to me, the final song seems another genre…
BOH, I don’t know, feel free to classify it as you like