Scaler forces to jam

This is definitely the best of Scaler’s features. When you find a comfortable chord cycle for yourself. After that, you start jamming on different scales. This time, I ended up with Dorian in this case because there’s a strong jazz involved and in those chords I strongly felt the presence of jazz jamming with Scaler. That is, the left hand takes the chords with one touch and the right hand jams with the white keys. Absolutely awesome in general. Sometimes I also use “Chord Extions”. Oh and why do I use witches? Well because I’m not a very good keyboardist. My strengths are in bass and guitar. Thanks to that feature, I get stuck jamming for a long time and developing ideas. I think Scaler’s Suggest feature has also been in heavy use by itself since the beginning. In the beginning, I never used the “Chords” tab, but nowadays I always start composing from there.


What are Chord Extions? What are witches?

yes, indeed I started calling myself “composer” and now I call myself “jammer”
:grin: :guitar: :drum: :musical_keyboard:


Chord extensions are in the Key Lock tab, but I didn’t find the witches either :grinning: :grinning:

English is up to the translator so I don’t understand what you’re asking?

It is nice. I’ve even thought that a small gig could be played through Scaler if you organized everything well and if there wasn’t complicated stuff. : D

Yeah and I understood the humor. I translate Google with a translator so mistakes happen.

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Ainiin witches are the kind that not everyone hears. The Doors band was the one who heard it. Check it out.

He did say he wasn’t a very good keyboardist … I assumed he meant as in computer keyboard :slight_smile:

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Well, I can play some keyboards, but I don’t know how well I can accompany anyone properly. With bass, I can join the band if I can see the chords well because I went to school as a bassist.

I can read sheet music.

I also use Google Translate to translate from Spanish to English and vice versa.
Usually it works very well, but sometimes I have been surprised that it translated the exact opposite of what I intended to say :grinning: :grinning:

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Nice to have the right callers on the go. I mean, there are musicians who really know how to play some instrument, but still want to use Scaler. I use it myself because it has further expanded my thinking about chords.

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Yes, Scaler helps a lot and as you say you can quickly improvise

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I thought you wrote “witches” for “white keys”, he he

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luckily enough GT didn’t translate “shit music”
:grin: :rofl:

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The problem I have with the sound of people using the key-lock white keys is that it often sounds like they are just mashing keys at random. There often doesn’t seem to be any logic or musical feeling in the solos. A skill like other musical skills would be to develop that sense of the vibe and let it flow, as they say.

this is why I usually prefer Ableton scales that are more flexible + my bare hands on: very rarely I am able to build nice solos with green keys
Maybe anyway that they can be used in a more profitable way to play chords, instead of series of notes

Great post. I’m using more set-ups with two Scalers where one is for the Chords and a second one is for lines. The instance for Melody lines contains chords for lines which is different than the basic chord of the song. For example, the basic chord A7 but the Chords for lines is Bb7#5 (Scale is F melodic minor) and other chords including chromatic passing notes. It’s a workflow I want to explore more actually.


Brrrr… Try that instead: