Scaler help!

I use FL Studio 10. When I click on Songs and Artist tab its blinks on and off before I can pick anything. Is this happening to anyone else? How can I fix this? It’s really annoying because I spent a lot of money on 3rd party expansions for Scaler and cant use any of them.


Sorry you’re having problems. I’ve never heard of this. Put some system information in your signature and mention that in a post (Click on my profile name for an example of that.). This will help others answer your questions.

Was Scaler working and then something went wrong? Had you just updated your version of Scaler? What expansions are you speaking of?

I don’t know what you mean here. What 3rd Party Expansions?
I have never heard or that problem you are having.Can you take a screen shot?

I’m using scaler 2 64 bit version on windows 8 on Fl Studio 10. And I’m talking about Pri3sms as the 3rd party scaler settings.

It’s called Pris3ms Prism 3 Chord Suite Had Me Feeling like a Piano Player | Prism 3 and Scaler 2 - YouTube

I see. I haven’t used those at all. In any event can you take a screen shot of the flashing bar so we can see that is happening. Does it let you pick anything at all? Can you go up to the Scaler Logo and choose import from there then navigate to the Pris3ms 3 folder and import a chord set?
Are you running Scaler 2.7.1?

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Thanks. Nice chord sets from Prism. I’m sorry to be unhelpful but I see no reason for this to be happening.

I’d try this. Load Scaler as per normal and then go to the Scaler Logo and do “clear state.” See if that clears the issue.

Are all other functions and menus in the program working or can you access none of the drop down menus in Scaler?

What I’d do if nothing was working is to uninstall Scaler, download a fresh copy of the installer from Plugin Boutique, reboot the computer, and then reinstall Scaler. Try Scaler and see if is working. If that’s all OK, then reinstall the chord sets from Prism. It should work.

I’ve never had any issues like this in any versions of Scaler I’ve used. Scaler works well even on my now somewhat out-of-date DAW.