Scaler helped me grow

We talk a lot here about how cool it is to use Scaler for jamming and exploration. This piece I just made was created completely without Scaler. I just picked up a synth and put some notes together, by intuition. And it ended up sounding like something I would enjoy listening to (space ambient). But this is remarkable that I was able to put this together at all, so quickly, and make something half way harmonic sounding, from intuition so to speak, and with confidence. To create something I had in my head, and was able to articulate it in music. I didn’t have this ability a year ago. So even though Scaler as a tool had no direct role in this project, it has been my obsessive use of Scaler for exploring & learning chord harmonies, expressions, and scale transitions, over the last 12 months that has apparently created a good enough understanding for the fluid creation of this piece to be possible. I still don’t understand the technicalities behind all this - it sounds like I am going through some key changes here and there. And as a completely notation illiterate person I can still not explain to you what notes I used, it was put together by ear and familiarity with the piano roll patterns, all learned from countless hours of cutting & pasting Scaler chord progressions into piano rolls (or recording them out). So while a lot of people may be using Scaler as a tool to speed up their composition process, to me its main value is in teaching me musical intuition, creativity, and most of all confidence that I too can make music. Thank you for that, Scaler team!


great!Your music has brought me into outer space.

I also fell in love with Scaler and used it every day. After turning on Daw, open Scaler immediately
I hope there are more accompaniment textures in Scale 2.5
Can help me complete the intro, verse, chorus of music :grinning:

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