Scaler iOS - Beta Testing

Hey everyone :wave:

we are really busy polishing the upcoming 2.6 update of Scaler, and also getting the iPad version ready. :star_struck:

I know some of you have asked for this opportunity for a while… But you can now apply to be part of the beta-testing of the iOS version :partying_face:

You can request an invite to the group here: Ios beta users - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum

:point_right: Don’t forget to add your email address so we can send the invite :point_left:

We will start sending invitations next week. They will be processed manually, so please be nice, polite and maybe tell us about how you want to use your iPad to make music.

We won’t be able to give everyone access nor address all the feedback straight away. But I am sure the app will become a great companion for us all and something that will evolve with us as composers.

Thank you for your continued support :slight_smile:
The Scaler team.