Scaler iOS: No IAP without internet connection... FIXED

Thanks for letting us know :dolphin:

Just did some more testing, & wanted to let you know (in case you didn’t already) that when Scaler2 forgets you have bought the IAP, it requires internet to be on for all 3 versions separately (standalone, audio AU, midi AU)…

Eg, I went offline started Scaler2 in standalone mode, got the can’t verify msg, went online, then it worked. I then went offline again to test the audio & midi AU versions & was surprised to see these didn’t register what I’d just done in standalone mode. Ie, both required me to be connected to the internet to verify again.

So if I connect to the internet & start the standalone & audio AU versions, but don’t start the midi AU, then go offline again - the midi AU still gives the can’t verify msg even though I was just connected/verified the other 2.

HTH, thanks for reading

There was one other person that made this same observation earlier. I was going to reference it but couldn’t locate it quickly. Nice to see another reference to it.

Thanks for the reply :+1: that’s good to know the devs know.

Hi, same behaviour here on my iPad.

I found that after online verification i can use the app offline for exactly 48 hours (checked this at least 3 times to be sure).

Waiting for the fix …

Thanks for your reply. I’m also waiting for a fix for this, I find it unusual that a bug like this is still unfixed nearly 3weeks after the original post. Here’s hoping it gets fixed soon…

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Thanks for the update, nice to see this addressed! Keep up the good work!

This has been reported from day 1 of the beta test (Mar 4). So it’s 5 months.
I hope that more people reporting it will help to solve the problem

This has been fixed in the latest update available on the AppStore.

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