Scaler is good at Hard Rock... drums included

I did some test to see how Scaler is good to drive drums and percussion as found recently by @Bernd , and a Deep Purple-style song jumped out :smile:

As usual, shoots only (but please donโ€™t shoot the pianist :joy:)

I found that a MIDI Polysher before Strum-GS 2 can be useful, but can be also avoided combining properly patterns & Voice Grouping: patterns must be long enough to trigger Strum-GS 2 chords & riffs, and the suitable Voice Grouping is found by ear

The guitar (in Guitar mode as usual)

The 1st Scaler feeding the guitar Scaler-guitar.xml (9.3 KB)

The Bass is fed by the guitar (the MIDI Polysher is used to avoid unwanted riff changes)

The 2nd scaler Scaler-Drums.xml (9.3 KB) feeding an Ableton Drum Rack that this time was totally hand-made (no random instruments)

and here is the result a Deep Purple style song

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