Scaler is good at... metal!

A NOTE for Livingedge: simply jump to the the end because this post is TLDR :laughing:

I think I’ll use Scaler the proper way in this new year, as asking it doing anything but the coffee was only a matter of testing its possibilities, but I’ve understood that I have to study deeper the plugins I have, because they are specialized tools, so better suited to do certain things

for example, with this video I found that I always used AAS Strum-GS the worst way… :astonished:

so Scaler will become again the tool that gives inspiration and suggestions, no more the one-man-band, but the metal riff was ongoing, so here is the last mad test :joy:

I started with this Scaler series of chords Scaler metal riff.xml (7.3 KB)

now, again, what’s the link between bossanova and metal? :scream:
only the maddest composer ever can venture such insane liaison LOL

the first step is recording the riff using those 4 chords, and my preferred way is not the Section C, but just tickling the ivories :grinning:
here is the starting series Scaler metal riff.mid (238 Bytes)

to avoid unwanted pattern changes in Strum-GS I need the MIDI Polysher instance before the Strum-GS, in a way that Scaler feeds the MIDI Polysher and MIDI Polysher feeds Strum-GS; Strum-GS must be in the “Loop mode” now

here you see the recorded riff

now it’s time to use what I learned in that video

I simply dragged and dropped all available loops (there are 7)

then I looped the riff part, and dropped all the loops, ine a time, into the looped area until I found the series of loops I liked more

the furher step involves changing the IN/OUT of Strum GS so that the MIDI Polysher feeds the chords, and Strum GS now in “Guitar mode” manages the articulations, and here is the IN/OUT setup

this (new to me) way to use Strum-GS is amazing because you can edit chords into the MIDI Polysher track, or you can edit articulations in the Strum-GS track, but in either way changes are reflected real-time in the riff played by Strum-GS with all articulations :astonished:

in the next step I edited the riff, and here is the MIDI Polysher riff after many changes
Polysher metal riff-edited.mid (1.8 KB)

I then completed the song with drums and bass, then a pinch of O3 and a teaspoon of neutrons :laughing:

well, if you have nerve enough, listen it


NB: Not only was it TLDR; but TBDL. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe next time?!?      >> :upside_down_face: sǝןpooʇ :upside_down_face: <<

. . . . .

Note: Before you go down a diaper trail…

TBDL: Too Busy, Didn’t Listen :sunglasses: :partying_face:

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I was unsure what of these 3 it was

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    Acronym: Teen Baby Diaper Lover
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orango che ride

You got the construction down but as I’ve said before – now work on dynamics. Your dynamics (or rather lack of) are just a flat line. Even metal has dynamics. Keep it up, rabbits hopping along.

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hmm… Looks like I was too late!
You had to go there, didn’t you.

As @jamieh says, “Dynamics! Where are the dynamics?”.

NB: Prob the result of too much iZotope: Ozone, Neutron, Nectar, et al.

:thinking: I have tons of things to understand and learns…
I suspect the dynamics will be the hardest thing to learn :exploding_head:
thanks anyway :smiley:
I’ll try

BTW: I hate metal, so don’t expect improvements in that area

Oh, you like metal: !

it is quite likely
I had the same problem the first time I used HDR in photography
I abandoned it since years and my shoots look better

that’s metal is fine
it reminds me a Blues score book I found in the seventies

I think it was one of this series: Stefan Grossman’s Early Masters of American Blues

now I understand what little bells are used for by the woman, LOL

nevertheless, looking so much talented musicians begging on the road (since eons I suppose) makes me sad