Scaler key change in fl when play stop

Anyone having an issue with key change in scaler within fl studio.
Was working fine until Fl update the other day now when I set root key
it will play in correct key, then when play is stopped or another VST is added
the key sound has changed. the root still read the same but the sound is totally out of key. Even checked it out on Mx in Key, key results. I set root note for chords to Bm play a couple of chords in Bm, key results match perfect. Record one touch chords they still match, then add a another VST or stop and start play now chords out of key
they show up Cmaj Am this never used to happen. I used to be able to lock in key and it stuck PLEASE HELP

Hi @hamal1

If this happens after loading another VST maybe the state of Scaler is reset when the plugin reloads.
Is there any setting in Scaler that changes after you load the VST?

It could also be due to the MIDI routing being modified as you add another track. Check that your plugins are listening to the desired MIDI channel and device. Weird things can happen when tracks or plugins are set to listen directly to the MIDI input and not the Scaler output.