Scaler meets the Dragons

Scaler to my rescue one more time… giving me the tools to build a gorgeous set of chords for my piano solo in this mostly-handpan piece. Some new EQ tools were super useful in taming the ringing from that stainless steel pan and integrating it into the mix.

Tamalpais Dragons on Vimeo


Loved it! Who knew that dragonflies glide like birds. I’ve never seen that.

Big fan of the handpan. Which one do you use?

– Martin

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Thanks Martin! Yup but you can only see them glide like that when shot in slow motion… that footage was all shot at 240fps, 8x slo-mo. I also didn’t know that they glide, was a revelation to see that. I have a Dm/9 pan made by Rebecca at Spirit Handpan in NC and just ordered a much more elaborate F low pygmy/15 from Meridian in Bristol… that’s a minor-ish/pentatonic-ish scale and the pan has a built-in pickup so I can play it through logic and hear it with effects through my monitors (in the air) in real time. Much better than using a microphone, will allow me to integrate it with everything else in a much more satisfying way.