Scaler MIDI Thru on/off


Currently working with Scaler 2 running in Gig Performer, commanding Scaler from my Launchpad Pro Mk3. Notes C2 - B1 from the LPP are triggering the Scaler chords.

When I trigger a Scaler chord using the mouse in the UI, I get just the chord exactly coming out. However, when I trigger a Scaler chord from the LPP I get the Scaler chord plus the triggering note from the LPP coming out.

IOW, Scaler appears to be performing MIDI Thru.

Where can I turn that off?

Hi @sj1

I am not familiar with Gig Performer but can you clarify if you are using the output from Scaler to trigger another synth, or are you using Scaler’s factory sounds when this problem happens?

This sounds as if it may be a midi routing issue in Gig Performer as I don’t get this issue when I use Scaler in Reaper with my Oxygen 49 keyboard.

Hi. Using the notes to trigger another synth.

If Scaler is hard-wired to always drop the incoming trigger notes on the floor then I must have some other issue here locally.

OTOH, if Scaler does do MIDI Thru, either all the time or optionally, then that is what I need to know about.

I don’t get this issue when using Scaler in either Reaper or Live using the state that you exported, so I am not sure what is going on here.

Thanks for taking a look. Seems like a local issue then, will keep working it here.

Can you post your GP wiring view? If there’s nothing wrong there then one possible issue is if Scaler is not clearing its incoming MIDI buffer. Some DAWs won’t care but others, including GP, will.

New day, new test - problem not observed.

I will report back if I observe the problem again.

OK, I’ve observed this on multiple days of work with Scaler in Gig Performer -

Scaler starts playing a Performance seemingly on its own.

This seems random and intermittent AFAICT so far, but it does continue to happen repeatedly.

Again and again, I turn off the running Performance that Scaler kicked off “on it’s own”, and then sometime later it kicks off again.

At this point, since I am working hard on setting up Gig Performer itself, I have not taken a side trip to see if my Scaler behaves the same way in another DAW or not.

So, I’m reporting this here in case anyone can say from their own experience with Scaler ( 2.8.2 VST 3) in Gig Performer (4.8.2) either “I’ve seen that too” or "I’ve never seen that!'.

Also, if there is any incoming message that would cause Scaler to start Performing I would like to know that.


Also, what I’m trying to set up is the triggering of chords from Scaler, with no other MIDI information going out or thru.

IOW, if I play/touch non-trigger keys on my controller, I want those notes to just fall on the floor, as if I hadn’t touched them at all.

It is not clear to me how to do that, or if it is even actually possible. So, I would appreciate being advised on that point also. Thanks!

Also, can I set Scaler so that it only accepts triggers on a specified channel?