Scaler Multi Out on Logic Pro

Is possible to use MIDI Multi Out on Logic Pro.

1 - Create one MIDI track and put the ScalerControl plugin on MIDI plugins slot.

2 - In ScalerControl plugin preferences, turn ON the MULTI-VOICE OUTPUT option.

3 - Put one audio plugin called “External Instrument” on this MIDI channel.

3 - Now, in the Audio MIDI Configurations App, activate the IAC Driver, for to loopback the MIDI signal.

4 - Back to Logic Pro, select the IAC Driver on the External Instrument plugin.

5 - Create more MIDI tracks on Logic Pro.

6 - Select each of the new MIDI tracks and on the inspector, select IAC Driver as input. And now select the MIDI Channels from 2 to 15.


1 - MIDI Channel 1 is reserved for transmitting all musical notes from the Scaler Plugin. The first single note of the chords, which is always the lowest note, is transmitted to MIDI channel 2… The second note of the chord, from bottom to top, is transmitted to MIDI channel 3, and so on…

2 - Remember to set each MIDI channel in each plugin placed on each created MIDI track. Plugins like Kontakt and Omnisphere may not play sounds initially because their internal instruments need to be set to listen exactly to the specific MIDI channel being received by the MIDI track where this plugin is placed.

3 - Version 10.7.5 of Logic Pro was used in this configuration.


Hi @ToniMazzotti, welcome to the forum.

Thanks for positing this, looks like a good solution for Logic users.

We have a DAW reference document for Multi-Voice out here in the forum which is being continually updated. I hope you don’t mind if we add these steps as a Logic Pro workaround. There are many here who will surely appreciate the contribution.


Hi @ToniMazzotti,

I tried this when 2.7 was released but could not make it work. Must have missed some important step/setting. Tried again after reading your post but it still does not work.
Is it possible you could upload a Logic project that can be used as a template?

Yes, you can include the solution from the help manual. It will be an honor for me to be able to help one of the most amazing plugins I’ve ever encountered. I improved the explanation and added a note. Please make sure you were able to replicate that configuration as well :slight_smile:

Hi, please have a look at the post again. I’ve added an important note below. Maybe this is happening to you. Please let me know.

Will make another try later tonight! :grinning: