Scaler mutes Logic track, no Audio or Midi

Hi there I need help.

Scaler was running fine for me in the past, but after a few months I’ve opened up Logic Pro to find both my versions of Scaler do not work anymore. I can see the midi notes registering on the keyboard inside the scaler window, but when I have the plugin turned on it mutes the entire track (and obviously no sound works). There isn’t anything changed on the settings on my end.

I am on a Mac Mini (Monterey) and Logic Pro 10.7.1

This is very frustrating, as all my past projects that relied on Scaler, now have tons of tracks that are rendered without sound.

There is an issue of Logic update breaking MIDI FX. It was said this was all third party MIDI FX. This has been reported but it is a Logic issue. Not sure if there has been a solution yet.

Yes its a Logic 10.7.1 M1 Monterey issue. No one is advising upgrading to Monterey yet. Try opening Logic in Rosetta and lets us know if that helps?

Running Logic in Rosetta did not work unfortunately

That’s a real bummer, can you revert back to Big Sur? I don’t think any plugin manufacturer is supporting Monterey at this stage, I would imagine (and hope) this would be fixed in Logic 10.7.2. I don’t have Monterery but have you tried another MIDI FX to see whether it behaves the same way (I believe it would)

Hi, I’m having the same issue. I installed it and worked for maybe 2 min and then the sound just desapiered. Using macOS Monterey as well. Have you been able to find a solution?

Have you tried downgrading to Big Sur? Let me know because I’m having the same issue.