Scaler Plays “trigger” key along with chord FL Studio from MIDI keyboard

When using a midi keyboard in FL Studio(Windows) latest version the “trigger” key is also played. For instance, the chord being played did not feature the C note, however when pressing C in order to trigger the chord the C note was also played. In FL Studio you can use the computer keyboard as a emulated midi keyboard and when I press what equates to the C note, the chord is triggered with all correct notes excluding the C note. Also, when I click the chord button the C note is not played either. I own Logic for Mac and this is not an issue. Chords are properly triggered without also playing the note used to trigger the chord unless the chord contains the note. I cannot find any other discussions about this. The only other discussion about wrong note states that I should turn off bind but that won’t work in this case because I need to bind in order to trigger the chords. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Welcome to the forum @larrydotbeasley This is something to do with FL Studio and a midi loop. Try turning local off on your midi keyboard or try disengaging midi out on your FL Studio channel. I don’t use FL Studio so can’t help further but this has nothing to do with scaler. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick response but can you forward this to someone who does use FL Studio? I also recognize that this is a FL Studio issue but I’m using your product connected with default settings and it’s not working like other DAWs so therefore it’s just as much Scaler’s issue as well. Typically, with these types of one-off issues I expect a work-around along with some installation suggestions/instructions. Hopefully, this is not the end of the conversation.

I don’t use FL. I used it quite a few years ago (it was Fruity Loops back then and it was free).
But I had a similar problem in Gig Performer when I first started using it. Asking I discovered that in GP everything is much clearer. Let me explain because maybe you will find a clue to solve the problem:
In Gig Performer you have a Midi In to send midi info from. It can be one of your keyboards, choosing if you have several keyboards; you can decide which channel you will send and you can limit the keys that will send information, and more (change octaves, send only CC messages, etc…). You can also decide which MIDI Out to direct the output to (with similar options).
And all this is to tell you that in the FL mixer I seem to remember that similar things could be done. Over the years, too, presumably even that works better. Of course better than in Ableton it has to be, after a little effort in FL
Of course, if there is a FL user in the forum, they will be able to inform and help better than me. Please take this review as an attempt to help from my very little recent experience in FL. I wish you luck

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Just to be clear. This is not related to Scaler. If you load another plug-in you will have the same behaviour. As mentioned before it’s an issue with FL Studio sending midi out to your keyboard. It either relates to local on being on on your keyboard or more likely a midi set up / routing issue in FL Studio.