Scaler plug-in

In fact, there are similar plug-ins currently on the market, and I think the scaler is the most comfortable to operate. Will scaler launch scaler chord, scaler bass, scaler drum, and even scaler string, scaler melody, and scaler arp like captain plug? I heard that captain6 is coming soon, adding the style selection function.

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But then if there would be that many different iterations of Scaler it might no longer be comfortable to operate. As it is I can already do set up one Scaler for chords, one for certain expressions, one for Bass without any real problems.


I think this design is more suitable for performance than creation. It just occurred to me that I would like to discuss with you and maybe find a better way.

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Thanks for all the feedback @swingmix
Just to be clear to our community, whilst I use all the software I personally never want to fall trap to trying to be a ‘catch all’. There’s some really cool things on the horizon. Even S2.5 has us all very excited and there will some major progressions from there in. Stay tuned and keep loving scaler!


Hope to see it soon. Expect to input chords, select music styles, and generate midi functions. The music style part can even be an official expansion pack. Like ezkey, it includes intro, verse, and chorus. It won’t be perfect at first, but it will eventually reach where we want to go.

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