Scaler sticking with sustain

I am using the most recent version of Scaler as of 25/02/2024 and Studio One 6.5 as well as a Keystation 88MK3 with Sustain pedal…

When playing with Scaler 2 and if I press my sustain pedal so that it is on and I then play multiples of the same chord, for example Cmaj and then I stop playing and release the sustain pedal, the Scaler 2 readout still displays the chord and the notes of the chord as if the sustain CC was still triggered.

To add to this, if I were then to play another chord, for example a Csus2, Scaler 2 interprets that as though I am playing a Cmaj add9 and will display that it is receiving data from the four notes that make up that chord - C,D,E,G.
This “stacking” of note data continues unless I trigger the panic option in Scaler 2.

I’ve done some preliminary tests which are as follows:

Played Scaler without using the sustain foot pedal - Scaler responds and displays correct data.

Played Scaler with the sustain foot pedal but left a gap of 1 second between chord changes and foot pedal either being triggered on or off. Scaler 2 responds and displays the correct data.

Ensured that the sustain was not to “Consume” in Scaler options.

Ensured that Studio One 6 was up to date and that Scaler 2 was also up to date.
Checked if the problem was persisting in VST2 and VST3 versions. Problem confirmed.

It’s strange because Scaler 2 seems to be thinking it’s receiving CC sustain data so I even manually ensured the CC channel for sustain was set to a value of 0 to ensure no data was going out to Scaler but even that has not resolved the situation.

It’s not a plugin breaking bug but it’s just interrupting my song sketching flow a little.

Just to confirm as well, there is no sound coming from Scaler 2 if I am not playing anything but the display at the top still shows the notes/chord that is currently “stuck”.

Have you encountered anything like this before?
If not, and there are no other similar reports then I’ll have to go back to assuming it’s something to do with my particular setup but thought it was worth while touching base here whilst I continue to investigate/problem solve.

Thank you in advance for any help and support on this issue.

Kind Regards


just curious - what are you ousing scaler for in this workflow? as a soundsource? or triggering alternate chords for what you’re playing?

Just using Scaler for sketching out compositions so I use it as a sound source whilst I’m jamming/sketching and then I’ll come back to it as a sketching tool if I need to during the rest of the process otherwise I’ll just take the generated midi data and then apply it to other instruments as opposed to using Scaler to trigger other VST instruments.

Hi @phoenix1of1,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the detailed description. We have indeed been able to replicate this behaviour so it is all likelihood a software bug. We’ve made a note of the issue and will hopefully be able to address it in an upcoming Scaler 2 update.

Thanks again for posting your findings here.

Hi @Tristan,
Thanks for the welcome and the quick turn-around on this. Great to hear that it’s most likely a software bug that can be examined in closer detail and potentially resolved in a future Scaler update.
Scaler 2 remains to be one of my most useful and amazing tools for helping me sketch out musical ideas quickly.
I’ve used other tools which have a lot more glitz and glam on the GUI but Scaler 2 wins hands down for the amount of substance it holds over it’s competitors.

Thank you


Hi Tristan,
Recently upgraded to Scaler 2.9 and there are some really nice additional improvements.

I know it wasn’t addressed via the change-log but just wanted to touch base to say that the sustain sticking issue has persisted through to version 2.9

Was wondering what the likelihood was of the bug being addressed in the next 12 months?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards


It’s coming up on nearly two weeks since I last checked in to see if the reported bug would be addressed.
Would appreciate any information, insight, updates or even just letting me know that it’s not yet on the cards to be addressed.
Communication is always valued.

Thank you
Kind Regards


Hi @phoenix1of1. Apologies for not replying sooner, I seem to have missed your question somehow.

We unfortunately couldn’t address this particular bug in the Scaler 2.9 update, however it has been lodged and will be addressed as soon as possible. Difficult to say exactly when this will be however this is one of a few things we want to get to ASAP, so hopefully not long!

Hi @Tristan,
Thanks for the update and the apology, it’s appreciated.
It was a shame to not see the bug resolved in 2.9 but as ever, Scaler is still my top tool in my toolbox and I am forever grateful to you and the team for working away at resolving bugs, improving and adding new features to Scaler.

Fingers crossed that the sustain bug is squashed in the next update or two, would be good to use the sustain pedal.

Thank you.
Kind Regards