Scaler to match Scales and Chords from Reason

Hi there I’m familiar with the Scales and Chords functionality in Reason and wondering how can I use matching features such as playing only within a scale and features such as adding an octave down from a triad, pretty much how can I use Scaler to match the same features, is there a tutorial that can help me identify the Scales and Chords features for Scaler?

Scaler will do all of this for you. There is a course being made for Scaler which will launch alongside Scaler 2 end of November. But the manual is thorough and not too long a read. You can also watch some youtube videos - they are all about 3 minutes but will familiarise yourself with the software

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is there a comparative video for Scaler that is compared to Scales and Chords, like a video for people that are familiar with Scales and Chords and say something like if you want to do what Scales and Chords can do you have to do this in Scaler? Like a specific comparison.