Scaler used in Title track of my upcoming album

I compose, record and release music from my home studio in Thailand; my artist’s name is Anacrusis in Thailand. I have a new album, Relax Amongst The Lotus Flowers, out on 25 March 2023 on all online streaming services and Bandcamp. I used Scaler with Audulus 4 on iPad as the foundation of the Title track. Stems were recorded via AUM and then exported to Logic Pro for additional tracks, mixing and mastering. A promotional snippet of this track is on my YouTube channel…


@Moorayn thanks so much for listening … very much appreciated

I can only say that acute sounds aren’t relaxing to me
My personal taste, clearly :pray:

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Really appreciate you taking a listen! It’s interesting you should say that, a couple of others have made the same comment. It must be my ‘old’ ears, I perceive the ‘acute’ sounds but they don’t cause me any ‘discomfort’. I did deliberately want them there and EQ’s the high end but perhaps not enough…? The challenges of being a bedroom producer with few peers to critique tracks. Appreciate your feedback…

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I’m an elderly guy so the high EQ doesn’t bother me :slightly_smiling_face:. You did a nice job, I like the atmosphere.

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BTW, you can use the Izotope tool Tonal Balance to fix these issue, or just to have your mix in line with main musical styles

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Thanks for listening … I guess it’s a matter of taste but personally I don;t find the ‘high end’ an issue for my ears; I guess why I mixed and mastered the track that way…

I own the iZotope Mix/Master bundle. Nectar 4 and Tonal Balance were used during mixing and then Ozone 10 and Tonal Balance were used in mastering. I guess it all comes down to personal taste and the higher frequencies are just ‘too high/loud’ for your ears. Some of it is due to the ‘random’ sequencer used within Audulus and the modulation parameters I used that generated those occasional ‘high’ notes. I respect your views but I’m not unhappy with how the track turned out. Let’s see what happens on 25 March when the album is released - if I happen to get any listeners/feedback lol…

I know that is a personal taste

This is the reason why I deleted all sawtooth sounds in my Minimonsta database :grin:

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