Scaler videos with OBS Studio on ASIO only PC's

I decided to attempt to make a video about some experiments with Scaler sequences, and to use a combination of OBS studio and Openshot to do so. Having had a few initial struggles, I thought it may be worth sharing the following.

After some frustration it became clear from web forums that OBS did not respond to normal ASIO interfaces. In my case dropping back to MME was not an option because the manufacturer of my PC had disabled the Realtek audio on the motherboard.

However I found (all hail Google !) GitHub - Andersama/obs-asio: ASIO plugin for OBS-Studio which were asio drivers for (as its name implies), err OBS.

So after installing this driver, all that was necessary was to go to ‘Sources’ in OBS, right click and add ‘ASIO Input Capture’
clip 1

In my case, my MOTU interface has a hardware loopback feature, so in OBS settings the Mic/Auxiliary Audio should be set to input from the DAW. (if you don’t have loopback, a virtual cable like ‘VAC’ might be needed.)
clip 3

The input meter then shows up in the ‘Audio Mixer’ section, and picks everything up from (in my case) Live.
clip 2

I am not attempting to narrate live in parallel with recording the Live screen and sounds - that seems like a formula for 25 takes. Rather, I’ll record it with a Shure Mic via the MOTU into (probably) Adobe Audition, and then use Openshot to overdub it all together - there isn’t much of a synch problem with the narrative.


Great timing.
Was working on this just today and running into the ASIO issue.
Thank you!

Have not been able to use my DAW ASIO in OBS since day 1. I will give this a try.

@yorkeman Have you tried to reactivate it in the BIOS?

No. It was done deliberately as they were specifically selling built-to-order audio PC’s, (you specify specific components and not just the generic spec) and they assumed that users would not want Windows audio - plus they said it had a detrimental effect. I’d used ASIO / specific drivers for years for years so that was no a problem for me. From time to time it can be an inconvenience, but I’ve always managed to get round it, or used Mrs Yorkeman’s Dell box.

As is happens for things like OBS, the MOUTU interface has zero latency monitoring and loopback, so for applications like that the external hardware is a benefit.