Scaler Volume

Where do you turn up the gain / volume on Scaler’s interface / Application?

You place Scaler on a MIDI Track in your DAW and then use that to change the volume of Scaler’s instruments.

Thanks for the response.
The level is so low when you do just that. Most plugins / app have gain control on the app. Ok, rephrase the question. You saying, you cannot increase gain from the app, only via the daw.

Maybe you can shave off some of the extra loudness from this thread…
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The majority of synth VSTs allow the volume of each patch to be set, so yes, yo can do that. You then have to decide if you do do that whether to save the revised patch or not.
A minor disadvantage of changing patch volumes in the synth is that patches can get out of balance. Omnisphere has 12,000+ patches so you can easily get into a situation some time later when you are auditioning similar patches were you have those volume disparities.
In some DAWs you can send a CC or syex out to adjust the synth parameters per tune, so that is probably the best way of dong it.