Scaler whith ChordPotion

I finished this ballad today, which I started with the chords in Scaler. I have programmed from 6 ChordPotion presets the interpretations to create a melodic background, from which someone with a nice voice (of course, that’s not me, hehe) could sing.
I’ve been playing around with ChordPotion for a while now, and I find it interesting how it can blend seamlessly with the chord progressions I send from Scaler.
I hope you like it

I leave you the file with the chords (with all the same durations) in case someone wants to take advantage of it.
Acuerdate.xml (58.4 KB)


The scythe does not stop. What a season I have!
My dear Elisabeth is no longer here, but I trust that she will hear it from somewhere.

Oh my goodness…so sorry to hear @jjfagot ! My heartfelt sympathy for you!

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Yes i like it! It`s good work!!!