Scaler with Arturia Pigments 5.0

Arturia Pigments 5.0 has an updated Sequencer. One can select a scale (Major, Minor, Melodic, etc) but the DISPLAY only shows the notes/intervals for the Key of C. For example, if selecting CMaj the notes shown/selected are CDEFGAB. Selecting C natural minor the notes shown/selected are CDEbFGAbBb.

BUT…If you choose to play Fmaj on your MIDI keyboard the display is still CDEFGABbecause the selected scale is Major - it doesn’t compensate. The actual notes played on the MIDI keyboard are, in fact, the correct notes when applied to the sequencer but they just do not display in Pigments

In comes Scaler - slap it onto the MIDI Fx on the Instrument track with Pigments and bind the chord progression. Now I can “see” the notes/chords" in Scaler while getting the desired arpeggiated effect and sound from Pigments.

One other workaround in Pigments would be to choose the Chromatic Scale then of course all notes are available to manipulate within Pigments. Just easier with Scaler - and getting chord tones.