Scaler with Native Instruments Piano Colors

Here comes native instruments piano colors, and I read the relevant news.
I haven’t used it yet.
But I believe that if you use native instruments piano colors in scaler
A lot of wonderful things will happen

Yes I always use Noire and Heavyocity Ascend and the colours from those two piano plugs work really well with Scaler.

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I can say from testing that Piano Colors and Scaler are magic.

what does color/colour mean in musical terms? I first thought it was just marketing term with the new NI plugin, but I saw it also used in Scaler as a word to describe chord varations. Does it have a specific meaning, or Is it more of a subjective/fuzzy concept?

Harmonic Richness basically. More notes that fit your chord.

David’s Scaler explanation is correct for Scaler. For NI Piano Colors it is like a painters pallet of sound colors. NI scratched the surface with the Noire Piano but this Piano Colors is something else all together. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s prepared piano very skillfully crafted. I’m very impressed. Running Voicing 4 or 5 progression through it – sublime!

You can make a short video to show how to use scaler and Piano colors

If I get a chance I’ll at least record some audio.

Here is a short clip of an improve with Scaler 2.4 and Piano Colors with some strings and voice.