Scaler with real tracks?!

Recently, I have been thinking about whether scaler can change from finding chords to making music?
I happened to be watching the band in a box Forum recently. As a 30-year-old Music software, they can be paid attention again because they began to use realtrack a few years ago
Most of their content is rural and folk songs. It seems that young people don’t like it very much. This is one of their problems. Yesterday I saw a post discussing whether we can turn some modern music into realtrack
In fact, I think scaler can do the same, and it will do better.
Of course, it depends on whether scaler only wants to be a chord tool. Or develop another such software. Anyway, scaler has been very successful. If you don’t want the scaler to become too big, make another software specially designed for generating music.
I now share this article here. I think the discussion is very good.

Interesting…do you just use Scaler to find chords? With so many performance and playback options, it seems finding chords is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, I can’t remember the last time finding chords was my main focus while in Scaler.

It is fascinating how many different ways people use Scaler.


I’m mainly looking for chords.

I didn’t say that scaler is bad. On the contrary, I hope scaler is better.

I play many performance, too
But we still have to make music in the end.
The key is that only this way can scale develop.
You have time to study band in box and learn about realtrack
Then look at the articles in this forum
You’ll see what I mean. I think a change in music production is happening.
However, the core of all this, scale, has been perfect, that is, chord progression.
Maybe the original scaler didn’t think so much
But now it is a good opportunity for scaler.
If scaler wants to be a chord instrument or play, that’s also good.
But in my opinion, it’s a pity.

Strange adjectives for blues, jazz, and rock…

Anyway, I see a trend in certain folks here, to see Scaler as a tool good for everything, but the coffee :grin:

I think rather that a sound musician should use more tools, each one specialized in a niche field, if they want have e.g. a guitar that seems a guitar and not a keyboard

My 2 tin-plate pennies

Nah, I don’t like coffee, but I like Scaler :slight_smile:

You have nothing on the old East-German pennies that were made out of aluminium foil covered cardboard :wink: