Scaler X (New Product) Beta Testers Wanted!


We are soon to launch a brand new member of the Scaler family. It isn’t Scaler 3 (yet!) but is made up of the same DNA and we are hopeful that it does for music production what Scaler 2 has done for music composition. It is all top secret and unannounced and the launch date will be set very soon but it is scheduled for a November 2023 release.

We are hopeful that those of you that have been here for a while and have an interest in music production be it an engineer, producer, hobbyist etc would join the beta testing for Scaler X and download and test the product and provide valuable feedback.

We won’t be able to give everyone access nor address all the feedback straight away. But I am sure the app will become a great companion for us all and something that will evolve with us as producers. Those that have joined the beta testing group provided feedback prior to October 26th will be provided with a free copy of the full release upon launch. Those joining thereafter can continue to use the beta for free.

You can request an invite to the group here:
(Click the ‘Request’ button top right hand side).
Thank you for your continued support and thanking you all in advance :slight_smile:

Davide and the Scaler team.

UPDATE: Beta Testing is closed and product - Scaler EQ has been released. Thanks for all the help and support!


I’m unqualified but maybe that’s the most beautiful thing about your product
It opens the world of music a little more to those of us who aren’t gifted with it in the traditional sense. Like only the latin speaking priests could once read the bible. Then everyone could. With the printing press and the English translations. A bit over the top my comment maybe and I am definitely not sure if I can add any value but I would find it fun to be a part of such a thing if ever offered the chance!

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HI all, we’ve got about 40 beta testers already and we are welcoming more. Generally we would like you to have had some sort of presence on the forums here and also looking for those with a production background. I am aware that we haven’t given everybody access but we will allow more in as the product develops. Thank you so much so far!


I don’t use the forums a lot, but I’ve had Scaler 2 for several years and I use it all the time! I’d love to be part of the test group.



I am just curious to see what this new product does.
Knowing Scaler pretty well I am sure this will be a nice surprise. Hardly wait to get it and try.


Very nice! Is the testing opened to iOS users too? I use it in my iPad project since quite some time so I would be happy to try some new features!

Not on iOS yet but it will be…

Hi Davide interested in this, I sent you a DM with some more info for my request

Great! Very interested in testing when the iOS builds will be available.

Just an update that we have stopped adding beta testers for now but as soon as our next build arrives in a week we will add a bunch more! Thanks so much for all that have sent me a request!

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Can we guess what scaler x is possibly going to be about ? My first guess is scaler X is a drum version of scaler. idk why i just think well we have the musical instruments and bass inside of scaler 2. I would think its about time for an scaler version of an drum plugin WOULD be coming soon. yes i would buy it just by what has been done with scaler from the beginning until now i would be very interested in an scaler X drumming plugin. Thats my first guess. For my 2nd guess a 2 in 1. Mixing and Mastering a.i. plugin yeah i understand its a lot of new a.i. Mixing and Mastering products Dropping these days .Still tho its never to late to get into the game lol so yeah scaler X possibly some type of a.i. based Mixing and Mastering with features not yet thought of by other companies. Those are my opinions of what scaler X could be and yes i understand i could just go to the open beta and find out threw testing im good. Im busy still extremely excited about what scaler X could be :+1:t5::fire:

I am not an active forum user but have been using S2 for some time. Hope that you are able to add me soon. Thanks in advance!

It’s been a week :grin::laughing: I’ve already sent a message last week about testing. Any need to send a new one? Thanks.:blush:

We’ve not had a new beta yet, so I assume David is waiting

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Hi all, we have posted a new advanced beta to the new Scaler X product and have opened up the beta group to many new users. Thank you.