Scaler2 2.4 (and 2.2) crash the DAW selecting mod for hexatonic blues scales

This is a problem that has persisted. It was there in Scaler 2.2 and it’s still here in 2.4. I’m on Windows 10 64 bit.

To reproduce this, load up scaler 2, select a hexatonic blues scale then click the mod (5) view. It sometimes crashes right away. If not, click on various scales in the inner part of the wheel. It is set to secondary scale, triads if that matters. It will crash and take down the DAW. This happens in FL Studio and also in Ableton Live.

Confirmed. I’d not noticed this before when using this scale, as I didn’t go to the mod view. It also happens in Catabile 3.0, so that points to something close to the interface, rather than it being anything in the DAW per se.

It throws up a fault in the Windows event system

Application: Cantabile.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.AccessViolationException
at Topten.WindowsAPI.WinApi.IsDialogMessage(IntPtr, MSG ByRef)
at GuiKit.Dialog.PreTranslateMessage(MSG ByRef, GuiKit.Key)
at GuiKit.Application.#=zqlrr6nlfLyJW(MSG ByRef)
at GuiKit.Application+#=zGRuzvhI0tJnA8WVdDJM3LYg=.#=zlUzMG7xieSYAk759ng==()
at GuiKit.Application.#=z1cCxGDtCnfA1(System.Func`1<System.Object>)
at Cantabile.Program.Main(System.String)
at #=zcmsBD19MRAXcjdrE5UvkoguAY7Wu1E$KeeHpY4g=.Main(System.String)

I tried the same in Nanohost (as simple of a non-DAW VST host as it gets), and also got a fatal error.

Debug info…

The VST2 crashes as well.

The ‘good thing’ about such crashes (unlike some bugs, which can be very elusive) is that 90% of the time you don’t have far to look in the code. It will probably take @Ed1 5 minutes to locate where, although the fix may be a different issue

Totally! Clearly, the Code Segment (CS:) “died” (“RIP”) at the obvious memory address of…


Confirmed that this happens on the Mac OS as well. Following the original repro instructions. Instantly blinks out as soon as you hit MOD.
OS 10.13.6
Live 11

Ah, I forgot you had a geek background :wink:

Hi @pango, welcome and thank you for reporting

I haven’t looked at the code yet but it should be an easy one to fix. The modulation is not supposed to be accessible for hexatonic scales. Pretty much for this exact reason, the code and even the theory behind it are not properly tested for scales with missing or extra degrees.

The quick-nav button is supposed to be disabled, like the one in the Section B.

Not too sure how we didn’t catch this one earlier but thank you all for testing so quickly.