Scaler2 2.7.3 logic pro x problem

using scaler2 2.7.3

logic pro x 10.7.7 rosetta

macbook pro M1 ventura 13.3

There is no problem with other plug-ins at all, but when I open the scaler,
Force quits 7 out of 10 times. My music life has come to a standstill.

Hi @jungwooyoo

is this an issue that appeared on 2.7.3 or were older versions crashing Logic as well?


It has been forced to close since the previous version.

I desperately hope this gets fixed soon. I can’t making music at all due to the conflict between scaler and logic pro.
I’ve made inquiries several times. The answer was to reinstall it every time.

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Just for reference. I have 2019 27" iMac, 16GB RAM, Ventura 13.3, Logic Pro 10.7.7 and Scaler 2.7.3 AU plugin is opening and working fine for me…

If the problems with M1 and Logic is fixed, I will buy it, use it and recommend it. If not, I will advice against it.

I’m having an issue with Scaler hanging every time I use it. It won’t quit producing sound until I turn it or the software instrument off. Im running Logic Montery on a M1 Studio and the latest version of Scaler.
I will reinstall but hoping someone knows a quick fix.

Hi @richk

are you running Logic with Rosetta? You can have a look here at how to enable it: How to run Logic Pro using Rosetta?

@jungwooyoo The next update will improve the stability of Scaler on M1 systems.

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