Scaler2 Ableton Voice Split Machine Rack / One Scaler One Rack Six Synths

This is expanding on a tutorial that came together in another thread. Read that thread as a pre-requisite of sorts.

This Ableton Live Set & Instrument Rack is an example of how you can manipulate chords generated by a single instance of Scaler2 to drive multiple instruments in a single device rack. The rack & set only utilizes Live 10’s included effects and instruments (aside from Scaler2) so anyone with Live 10 can open and manipulate it. The rack can be used with chords generated by anything… not just Scaler.

Watch video Demonstration on YouTube
Download Ableton files via Dropbox.

The rack contains 5 chains. Each containing various MIDI FX, instruments and Audio FX. On each chain of the rack The Range parameters on a Pitch device filter the notes being sent by Scaler2, passing only notes in the selected range onto the instruments in it’s respective chain. Furthermore, the Pitch parameter could be manipulated to transpose the notes being passed through the the instruments.

Other MIDI effects such as Live’s Arpeggiator and Note Length allow for further manipulation of the notes. Adjust these, rearrange them, or drop in other MIDI effects for radical variations.

The instruments in each chain of the rack could of course be replaced with any other VST instrument or even an external hardware synth by utilizing Live’s external instrument device. (refer to the thread mentioned above for more info on the external instrument device).

The ‘3 Lead’ chain of the rack is unique in that it has inside it another sub-rack with 2 instruments that have different settings. Live’s Auto Pan towards the end of the 2 chains are configured so the two instrument variations take turns every 8 beats, slighlty fading in and out of each other. Auto Pan is placed before some final spatial effects to smooth the transitions.

The macros at the start of the rack are mapped to EQ3 devices at the end of chains 1-4 so you can easily tame each sound.

There are Audio tracks and MIDI tracks in the set configured to record the Audio and MIDI being generated by each of the 5 rack chains as individual files for further manipulation.

You want things to get really weird? Activate Scaler2’s perform function and tweak the settings. Instant Autechre. :wink:

To get started just open the Ableton .als file in the dropbox zip below.

This was fun to put together. Hope it inspires some further experimentation with Scaler2 & Ableton Live. Any questions just ask. Happy to help.


Looks interesting! Thank you, I’m going to check it out!

I’ve played with it for just a few minute and — It is crazy cool! Impressed on the creation of this!

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Awesome @jamieh! Great to hear. Hope it sparked some workflow ideas. I really enjoy setting some semi-generative workflows.

Knocked this together in a couple hours Saturday morning… but if there is interest I’d be open to going further with a sort of series.

Pick up where this left off and go into next steps through to a finished track. It would all be in Live 11 going forward though as I jumped back to 10 just to make the rack compatible with 10.

Steps like bouncing the individual midi tracks, manual midi editing, more semi-generative workflows like the new probability features on midi notes, clip follow actions, onto arrangement and mixing etc. While sticking to only Ableton included devices & Scaler 2.

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Wow it looks interesting ans complicated. I will check it out. Thanks