Scaler2 Divisi Chord Split Create & Capture w/Kontakt Spitfire Ableton Example

Quick example of creating & capturing Divisi / chord splits with Scaler 2, Kontakt Multis with the JM Divisi Script in Ableton Live 11. Video and screenshot below.

The objective was to split 4 voice chords generated by Scaler2 into 4 individual voices and send them each to a different instrument and then be able to record those individual voices as individual midi/clips tracks for further editing.

I started with 2 tracks in Ableton. Scaler 2 sending MIDI to Kontakt VST with a 4 instrument multi and the JM Divisi Script for Kontakt found here.

In the first track are the MIDI notes I captured from Scaler 2 by performing a chord set I built.

In Ableton’s MIDI settings I enabled track MIDI for the Kontakt Virtual Output and Inputs.

Worked on building my chord set in scaler and adjusting the multi and Divisi script in Kontakt to my liking. The Divisi script splits the Scaler2 chords received on channel 1 to the 4 instruments in the multi split across Channels 1-4.

I got the the point where I wanted to capture the the 4 channels of output the Divisi script was creating to 4 individual midi tracks/clips in Ableton Live. Due to limitations of Live’s internal routing being all limited to channel 1 I was unable to accomplish this with Kontakt as a VST inside Ableton.

To get around this I saved my Kontakt Multi and opened it in the standalone version of Kontakt outside of Ableton. In Kontakt’s MIDI settings I turned on the Kontakt Virtual Input and Output. Under Kontakt’s engine settings I selected “incoming notes” under the “Send MIDI to outside world” dropdown.

In Ableton I then set the SCALERChords2KontaktExt track to send Midi to the Kontkat Virtual Input on Ch1. I then created 4 tracks in Ableton and set them all to receive MIDI from the Kontakt Virtual Output. Setting each of the 4 channels to MIDI channel 1-4.

I then armed the tracks to record and was able to capture the 4 individual voice/channel notes being output from the Kontakt Divisi script.

4 note chords from Scaler 2, out to Kontakt, through the Divisi Script, back into Ableton as 4 individual MIDI patterns where I was able to record/capture for further adjustment and flexibility in Live.

A ton you can do from there with them… but myself from there I brought Kontakt back into Ableton as a VST, bypassed the Divisi script, and routed the 4 channels back to the Kontakt Multi… sending 4 channels of MIDI in and 4 channels of audio out from Kontakt to individual audio tracks in live.

Hope some of you find this useful and that I explained it clearly enough. Any questions let me know Id be happy to help.


Could this also have been achieved using this?