Scaler2 featured in Saurus3 demo contest - 2nd Place

Scaler (2.4.1) featured in Saurus3 demo contest - 2nd Place!


Thank you Scaler team for creating the most awesome tool and creative musician assistant!

On October 7, the winners of the Saurus3 vst au (TONE2) synthesizer demo contest were announced by Markus Krause (designer and developer) and Troels Nygaard (presets creator)
To my big surprise and happiness I got 2nd place with my 7 one minute submitted tracks.

Saurus3 is an outstanding instrument and an amazing emulation of analog synthesizers, created under the hood of the famous German developer TONE2

Beside of my main instrument, guitar, I’ve always been involved with electronic music as a lifelong fan of synthesizers but more towards the traditional keyboardist side, in the context of band, rock, pop, jazz, latin, and finally with computer produced music, since I used my first computer, a Commodore 64 to make music.

So to have achieved this award in the midst of hundreds of participants, some of them very skilled and talented, was quite a surprise and feat given I am not an expert in EDM, trance, or techno music at a production commercial scale.

And this is where I want to mention and reiterate thanks to Scaler 2 for helping me organize my ideas, harmonic sketches and chord progressions, as well as some excellent preset performances I used in some of the demos I submitted to the contest.

I must mention as well the inspiration obtained by outstanding exponents of techno and electronic music, especially David Carbone, who is also the designer of one of my favorite synthesizers, Carbon Electra, and who literally introduced me to Scaler 2 world.
Thanks David!

I am pleased to share with you my winning demos submitted to this prestigious contest.
I hope you enjoy it.

Saurus3 demo tracks featuring Scaler2

This is a video shot of one of the demos showing Scaler2 in action using the Perform “Sopra” (Vivace) demo: “Dino Saurus Love Song”

Audio demo Dino Saurus Love Song


Wow this is really cool ! Congrats on the 2nd place

And thanks for sharing, this little clip with Scaler in action is what we all love to see! Scaler doing its thing, jamming along the rest of your great production :star_struck::facepunch::fire:

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Thank you very much for your words, Ed. Yes, it’s absolutely true, there’s nothing like seeing Scaler in action helping us create music flawlessly! :notes: :musical_score: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :+1:

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Congrats, man. Really awesome.

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That’s awesome @carlosbiab ! And congrats on coming in 2nd place on the competition! Good to hear from you man, hope things are ok in your world.

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Hola Carlos

I am happy to see you on the floor again

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Thanks Bernd, it was an experience and a challenge at the same time. I received as a prize the ElectraX synthesizer from TONE2 which was very welcome because it is so expensive for my conditions and I couldn’t buy it even if I saved for a year. Here in Venezuela the monthly income is only a ridiculous $40 to $100 monthly to cover only 25% of the food.

I used to have a decently successful career here years ago as a freelancer online, session guitar player, arranger and experienced educator for 30 years, but not anymore. Unfortunately we are devastated by a hard, long dated dictatorship that forces us to survive day by day, in the midst of our dreams shattered, fighting for our families, children and elderly parents.

That’s why my only way to acquire some money is by very welcome donations from friends (one of them here whom I thank heartly for his generosity) or in exchange for some music service, but our terrible internet plus the electricity blackouts of up to 12 hours daily make anything extremely difficult.

To obtain my software tools I offer my services to developers as a music producer with production exchange agreements for software, which has been happening little by little, while some truly generous developers are granting me with NFR licenses in solidarity and help.

I hope that in time it will also bring direct economic benefits, since the software does not calm hunger but it does help to build a better future living and as a producer as well.

I am very sorry to be airing this in this forum which is my favorite nowadays, but my real intention is to give you all a message:

Please, make your talent fly in gratitude for the gifts received from life, take advantage of the freedom and peace in your countries to bring to the world the best music possible! We never know when things can change and take everything away from us.


Thank you very much! Glad to see you’re from Canada! I’m Guitar RealTrack Artist for PG Music, Band-in-a-Box, they are based in B.C. Victoria. And I’m also the mod Spanish host for the forum :slight_smile:

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Thank my dear friend! it was a success to make that! you already know the worst conditions here.

But if Robinson Crusoe did it right here in Venezuela, why not me? :cowboy_hat_face: :rofl:

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Nice Carlos, well done on 2nd place and good tune. Love the predelay on the kick and that modulated reverb at the end to top it all off. Thanks for the kind words and hope all is improving over there.


Congratulations Carlos! Great job on the song and synth arrangement. Scaler rocks!

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Thank you Davide! your compliments are very much appreciated. I believe that no matter what kind of music or style we do at any given moment, creativity is like a time machine that takes you to different places to show that there are many dimensions worth visiting.


Thank you Bill, yes, Scaler is the ‘Via Veneto’ for the musicians looking for a happy a productive place!

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