Scaler2 font size is too small.It was great in Scaler 1

  • Open Scaler1 and 2
  • Compare them.

In Scaler1 everything is great to read, the size was well fitting to the size of all elements.

In Scaler2 it’s a mix of too small font and normal font size.

  • The top bar with the detected chords for example is hard to read.
  • The ‘Preferences’, that are often needed now are also very small. It was a lot better in Scaler1.
  • And when I make the window size bigger that the smaller fonts are good to read, all elements are way too big.

Seems more like a downgrade to me unfortunately.

Hi @clavia, thanks for your feedback,

My pleasure. The new features in Scaler 2 are awesome for the most part, but the look and partly the usability is a step back when I’m honest. I will keep you busy with some hopefully constructive posts in this matter. :slight_smile:

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@luapmartin Just a side note. Why not using a bit more space and make the top bar bigger like in Scaler 1? Some parts in Scaler 2 looks like you wanted to safe screen space too radical. Why not using some more pixel screen space but make it easier to use this way?