Scaler2 Immediately Crashes Maschine

As soon as I load Scaler2 (AND ONLY SCALER2) my whole DAW shuts down. I never got a chance to even TRY to use the software. It looks like my support e-mail is going to take a while for a reply as well. After coming to this forum I realize I should have maybe selected a different software choice. Suggestions?

Windows 10: Latest
Maschine 2: Latest

Hi @Seal

which version of Scaler do you have installed?


Hi @Ed1 I have version 2.1.2
Still no joy…I was going to get a refund if I can’t get it working tonight.

Yeps, I can confirm that Scaler loads in the plugin windows…then any action in Maschine crashes the software big time. Not even a windows crash warning appears, a sort of now you see me now you don’t, kinda thing. Now I can state for a fact that Maschine isn’t the most reliable piece of software I own, but this is rediculous. By the way using Maschine as a plugin with Scaler 2 also does no good for the stability of Reaper…but that at least is workable…I test Ableton ASAP.

If the Scaler performs it’s a beauty to use BTW…everything is conceptially well thought after but you have to read the manual to get the most out of the code.

Greets Ed.

P.S. Maschine is version 2.12.1, Windows is an up to date Pro version 64 bit, and Scaler 2 is yesterday version.

Welcome @ArtisanS
Strange works for me in the same setup on Mac OSX. New Maschine update this week. Try it?

Everything on the Latest and Greatest, Davide (I hope). I’m flabbergasted as well. But I’m sure someone will com up with an answer. I guess that will have to come form the lads and lasses at NI. Maschine has a lot of functionality I could do without. For instance it grabs my M32 keyboard away from Reaper when using Maschine as a VST. To me that is a definite “no no”. I’m thinkin to invest in Nektar Panorama T4 and use that as the Reaper keyboard instead. Now I’m using a plugin for M32. I have to restart the plugin in Reaper in order to snatch control of the M32 away from Maschine again. A sort of digital tug of war between the Maschine VST and Reaper. A T4 could solve that and I could hand over the control of the M32 an my Mikro MK3 to Maschine and conttol my DAW from the T4. But it would clutter up my IRL desktop…3 by 6 feet is quite large but not endless.

Hi, i’m also an Maschine Studio owner (converted to Waveform Pro sequencer tho last week).

But was curious and I fired up Maschine 2.12.1 64 Bits, loaded Scaler Without BC Patchworks and appears to be running just fine, added another plugin on another channel and running stable.

Scaler version 2.1.2. Pressed a few buttons but no crashes over here. Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.630, fully patched.

When u press windows and type in winver it’ll show your current build level.

I know it doesn’t solve your problem but it might be somewhat specific to your specific computer configuration.

What I found out was this. When I insert scaler in a thusfar empty Maschine it scrashes…when I use another instrument it works like a dodle. Now that beats me…but it is 100% consistent. At least a work around if someone else is confronted by this problem. Same build at my place: 19042.630. Now a Dutch version of Windows but that should not matter.

BTW I whiched I owned a Studio only a meazly Mikro MK3 at my place…but I’m in the market for a normal MK3 anyway.


I jugled my vst’s around the other night. I had a lot of VST directories all over the place and sorted things out a bit when installing some Rigid Audio plugins and Izotopes Iris2. And now it workest perfectly…great!


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Hi @ArtisanS

thanks for letting us know. Enjoy :slight_smile: