Scaler2 in Ableton Live 10. An example

There are many ways to work with Scaler in a DAW

I present this one that I usually use in Ableton

The 1st clip that I have used in this case is the one that contains only the chords. In this case (I’m always using the same ones in the song):
A min7, D min7, G maj, C maj7, F maj7, B min7 (b5), E 7 (sus4), E maj

Then I go on recording Perfomances: Andantino, Adagietto, Acento, etc.

Then I combine them in the Arrangement view, choosing the order of the clips. This is the way I usually use to not use too much CPU
I had to freeze the tracks precisely because of the CPU overhead

But you could also use Ableton’s shuffle functionality for clips in Session View
programming that every 4 - 8 bars (depending on how many the progression has) randomly switches to another clip
Then I copy the clips into the Arrangement view and save the work.
I can always try again as many times as I want until I am satisfied

I hope it helps other colleagues