Scaler2 & Studio One5 Chord Detection

I have a bunch of Music Loops in the Files section of Studio One, just single keyboard or pad instruments playing chord progressions. When I drag the .mid file into Scaler, it’s a no-go (I just get the old slashed circle and the file doesn’t drop in).

Why doesn’t Scaler load the .mid file via drag&drop? I mean, it’s supposed to, right?

Same thing with Audio loops, they just don’t drag&drop.

Put the Scaler into a track and then drag the midi into the track
Then open Scaler and Detect
Note: Remember the loop must play chords for Scaler to recognize; single notes won’t cut it…

Midi Files drag and drop onto Scaler no problem, and with MIDI scaler will detect everything, with audio it is focussing on the chords not single notes. If you are having problems dragging midi onto scaler I would guess it has something to do with the ‘focus’ of plugins in Studio One 5.