ScalerControl preview chords issue in Logic for iPad - workaround

There is an issue in Logic for iPad where when ScalerControl is loaded as a MidiFX it will not preview chords by pressing on any chord button in sections A, B and C. This only occurs before the DAW transport has been used in the DAW the first time, after that it behaves as normal.

This behaviour also occurs in another plugin I have tested (Suggester) so would appear to be something in Logic.

Hope this might help anyone who wonders why they can’t hear chord previews when they load ScalerControl in Logic for iPad.

Hi @zzrwood thanks for reporting this.

I will pass this on to the rest of the team to look into it.

Standard activation of MIDI FX in Logic Pro X annoyingly, beyond our control but it must be ‘triggered’ the first time by activating the DAW. Not sure if Apple will ever change that behaviour.

Thanks Davide, I realise now this is not a Scaler issue, just thought the post might help others scratching their head wondering why it wouldn’t preview - like I was…