Scalers sync Chord Voicings even with “Articulation, Keys-Lock, Voicing-Grouping, Humanize” box unchecked

I am using two Scaler VSTs (A and B) in Ableton. One is for chords and one is for bass. I setup my chords on VST A, copy the track (making VST B) and then adjust the performance settings and chord voicings to make a bassline.

If I then want to use the pads to switch between progressions simultaneously on both VSTs, I can do so by using the Sync feature. When I use the sync feature to copy the settings from Scaler VST A to VST B, I keep the “Articulation, Keys-Lock, Voicing-Grouping, Humanize” box unchecked, and the Selected Scale, Progression Builder (Section C) boxes checked. But, if on Scaler B I have set different chord voicings (i.e. octave, inversion, semitone) to those on Scaler A, once I sync them, I lose the chord voicings.

Is that expected? I want to sync only the scale, chords and progression- not the voicings and performance settings.

Seems to be a bug. (Scaler 2.5, Windows 10, Ableton Live 11)

Maybe they need to look at that again. Seems like it might be a bug. I run into that time to time when I have multiple Scalers doing different things.

This is not really a bug, more a missing option in the SYNC popup.

So far we’ve considered the voicing to be linked to the chord (ie: if you change chord it is likely you will need to adapt the voicing/inversion) so we don’t maintain those settings in the Scaler instance receiving the data.

This is an option that could be added, it would help a lot when syncing over multiple tracks again and again…


Yes this would be a key feature to implement in my opinion. I can’t really sync any of my scaler tracks unless I can disable chord voicing syncing, because I am using the octave adjustment for my bass performances. Luckily I can trigger them all simultaneuosly in Ableton to switch progressions with the keyswitch binding. However then if I make a change to the progression, I have to change it in all of them separately, or alternatively sync them but then re-adjust the chord settings :frowning:

Even better IMHO could be the option to have an “automatic sync” each time you change something in the Scaler instance previously selected as “Master”

This could be very useful when auditing patterns

That would be disastrous if you are using different elements on different Scalers. I often have rests on one Scaler with different voicings. Automatic sync would lose all of that.

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You are right @jamieh, but I meant automatic sync of chords, only
If you change/edit often chords in Section C, a global sync may be welcome

In your case it isn’t welcome, clearly

I also change the chord voicing between different instances of Scaler (often for bass) and find it really frustrating that everytime I sync, I lose my chord voicings! I’m having to write them on paper and put them back in everytime I sync.