Scaper: Turn any audio into Hours of Cinematic Atmospheres

Hi folks

I don’t think I’ll buy it, but maybe it is useful for others (@Bernd maybe? :grin:) involved in the cinematic field



just doesn’t seem like version 1 can create happy or hopeful noises yet… maybe that’s a version 2 product LOL

I’ve found that you can create similar effects for free (but with slightly more work) with Sonosaurus Paul X Stretch. This option gives you somewhat more fine grained control over the result.


Thanks, I’ll try that

It is for free, so in case I don’t like it, it will not be another paperweight
:grin: :crazy_face: :rofl:

here is a video

Oh brilliant I didn’t realise there was a new version of Paul X Stretch. Wonderful for evolving textures. Thanks for sharing.

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Well, tested and uninstalled: not for me
Can’t see any use, apart making ugly noises to chase away rats or goddam bores