Searching for Chord Variations and Extensions

Recently I’ve seen a couple of posts where new users have been asking how to find variations on chords, so here is a short introduction about using Scaler 2.5 to find variations on the basic triad, including extensions.

Simple extensions to chords can be found by clicking on the drop down menu, which has the default TRIAD selected. The options are: TRIADS, 7THS, 9THS, 11THS and 13THS.

In the following example I have selected 9THS.

This brings up your chosen scale with each chord playing the 9TH.

A more complete set of variations can be found by opening the CHORD page

When you do this the pattern is displayed at the bottom of the page. The first chord in the pattern has a yellow border and at the top of the middle section are some suggested chords (the more common variations).

Clicking on the yellow triangle in the top right-hand corner of a block in th pattern will display the list for that chord

However, if you enter the chord name in the search box a more comprehensive list of variations of that chord is displayed.

Note the grey scroll bar under the list. If you scroll this you will find more chords.

Finally you can add chords from outside the scale by clicking on the Circle of Fifths (here I have clicked on A)

Hope this helps