Secondary dominants - where?

How did I find the secondary dominant for a chord?

E.g. in A major. 1 chord is A major, 6 chord is F#minor.

The V of F#minor is C#7. How do I find this. I can’t see where the secondary dominant is listed?

Hi @Jbro10

you can find them in the modulation screen. The secondary chords (here B min and E 7) are located over the degree they can help you get to. You can see the II-V-I column over the A maj chord.

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Oh this is helpful! I just thought the modulation section was for key changes, which once in a blue moon if it’s a tuesday I’ll even consider, heh… I’ll have to explore this more… I’d love see more functional harmony options appear…

Well we had to put them somewhere and an orchestra would consider even one ‘borrowed’ chord as a temporary key change so Modulation is where all possible out of key subs should go. More coming to this area!

Ah, I guess that makes sense, then. I used Tonal Mapping Harmony Pro a little, and one thing I liked (maybe the only thing) was the big chart they have that shows how things function and can guide you back to diatonic chords (though I think it could be laid out better, maybe). It was a good way to see some options you might not have considered. I’m sure something like that is a big ask to add into Scaler atm, but it might be a cool feature to consider for the future.

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